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Louis Armstrong ‎– It's Louis Armstrong 10 CD

Louis Armstrong ‎– It's Louis Armstrong 10 CD
Цена:  1 999 р.
в корзину
Артикул: 4011222230164
Тип носителя: CD
Жанр: Джаз и Блюз
Исполнитель: Louis Armstrong
Технические характеристики
Год выпуска: 2014
Страна: Европейский союз

1-1       My Heart       

1-2       Yes! I'm In The Barrel           

1-3       Gut Bucket Blues       

1-4       Come Back, Sweet Papa       

1-5       Georgia Grind

1-6       Heebie Jeebies          

1-7       Cornet Chop Suey      

1-8       Oriental Strut

1-9       You're Next    

1-10     Muskrat Ramble       

1-11     Don't Forget To Mess Around          

1-12     I'm Gonna Gitcha      

1-13     Dropping Shucks        

1-14     Who's It         

1-15     The King Of The Zulu's (At A Chit'lin' Rag)  

1-16     Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa     

1-17     Lonesome Blues        

1-18     Sweet Little Papa      

1-19     Jazz Lips         

1-20     Skid-Dat-De-Dat        

2-1       Big Butter And Egg Man       

2-2       Sunset Cafe Stomp    

2-3       You Made Me Love You        

2-4       Irish Black Bottom     

2-5       Willie The Weeper    

2-6       Wild Man Blues         

2-7       Chicago Breakdown  

2-8       Alligator Crawl          

2-9       Potato Head Blues     

2-10     Melancholy Blues      

2-11     Weary Blues  

2-12     Twelfth Street Rag    

2-13     Keyhole Blues

2-14     S.O.L. Blues    

2-15     Gully Low Blues         

2-16     That's When I'll Come Back To You 

2-17     Put 'Em Down Blues  

2-18     Ory's Creole Trombone        

2-19     The Last Time

2-20     Struttin' With Some Barbecue          

3-1       Muggles         

3-2       Hear Me Talkin' To Ya?        

3-4       St. James Infirmary   

3-5       Tight Like This           

3-6       Knockin' A Jug

3-7       I Can't Give You Anything But Love  

3-8       Mahogany Hall Stomp          

3-9       Ain't Misbehavin'      

3-10     (What Did I Do To Do So) Black And Blue    

3-11     That Rhythm Man     

3-12     Sweet Savanna Sue   

3-13     Some Of These Days 

3-14     When You're Smiling

3-15     After You've Gone     

3-16     I Ain't Got Nobody     

3-17     Dallas Blues   

3-18     St. Louis Blues

3-19     Rockin' Chair 

3-20     Song Of The Islands   

3-21     Bessie Couldn't Help It          

4-1       Love, You Funny Thing          

4-2       The New Tiger Rag   

4-3       Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now           

4-4       Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long          

4-5       That's My Home        

4-6       Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train       

4-7       I Hate To Leave You Now      

4-8       You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born 

4-9       Medley: (Part II) When You're Smiling        

4-10     Saint James Infirmary           

4-11     Dinah 

4-12     Medley (Part I): You Rascal You       

4-13     When It's Sleepy Time Down South  

4-14     Nobody's Sweetheart

4-15     I've Got The World On A String        

4-16     I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues        

4-17     Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby          

4-18     Sittin' In The Dark     

4-19     High Society   

4-20     He's A Son Of The South       

4-21     Some Sweet Day       

4-22     Basin Street Blues     

4-23     Honey, Do!     

4-24     Snowball        

5-1       Mahogany Hall Stomp          

5-2       Swing, You Cat's        

5-3       Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore           

5-4       Mississippi Basin       

5-5       Laughin' Louie           

5-6       Tomorrow Night        

5-7       Dusky Stevedore        

5-8       There's A Cabin In The Pines

5-9       Mighty River  

5-10     Sweet Sue, Just You   

5-11     I Wonder Who           

5-12     St. Louis Blues

5-13     Don't Play Me Cheap

5-14     I'm In The Mood For Love     

5-15     You Are My Lucky Star          

5-16     La Cucaracha 

5-17     Got A Bran' New Suit

5-18     I've Got My Fingers Crossed 

5-19     Ol' Man Mose           

5-20     I'm Shooting High      

6-1       (Was I To Blame For) Falling In Love With You       

6-2       Red Sails In The Sunset         

6-3       On Treasure Island    

6-4       Thanks A Million       

6-5       Shoe Shine Boy          

6-6       Solitude          

6-7       I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music        

6-8       The Music Goes Around And Around           

6-9       Rhythm Saved The World     

6-10     I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket        

6-11     Yes! Yes! My! My!     

6-12     I Come From A Musical Family        

6-13     If We Never Meet Again       

6-14     Somebody Stole My Break    

6-15     Lyin' To Myself          

6-16     Ev'ntide          

6-17     Swing That Music      

6-18     Thankful         

6-19     Red Nose       

6-20     Public Melodie Number One

7-1       Yours And Mine         

7-2       Red Cap         

7-3       She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana      

7-4       Alexander's Rag Time Band 

7-5       Cuban Pete    

7-6       I've Got A Heartful Of Rhythm         

7-7       Sun Showers  

7-8       Once In A While        

7-9       On The Sunny Side Of The Street     

7-10     Satchel Mouth Swing

7-11     Jubilee

7-12     Struttin' With Some Barbecue          

7-13     The Trumpet Player's Lament          

7-14     I Double Dare You     

7-15     True Confession        

7-16     Let That Be A Lesson To You 

7-17     Sweet As A Song        

7-18     So Little Time

7-19     Mexican Swing          

7-20     As Long As You Live, You'll Be Dead If You Die       

8-1       When The Saints Go Marching In     

8-2       On The Sentimental Side      

8-3       It's Wonderful

8-4       Something Tells Me  

8-5       Love Walked In          

8-6       Naturally        

8-7       I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams       

8-8       I Can't Give You Anything But Love  

8-9       Ain't Misbehavin'      

8-10     Jeepers Creepers      

8-11     What Is This Thing Called Swing      

8-12     Rockin' Chair 

8-13     Lazybones      

8-14     Hear Me Talkin' To Ya?        

8-15     Save It, Pretty Mama

8-16     West End Blues         

8-17     Savoy Blues    

8-18     Confessin'      

8-19     Our Monday Date     

8-20     Our Monday Date     

8-21     If It's Good (Then I Want It)  

9-1       Whatta Ya Gonna Do

9-2       No Variety Blues       

9-3       Joseph 'N His Brudders         

9-4       Back O' Town Blues  

9-5       I Want A Little Girl    

9-6       Sugar  

9-7       Blues For Yesterday  

9-8       Blues In The South     

9-9       Endie  

9-10     The Blues Are Brewin'          

9-11     Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

9-12     Where The Blues Is Born In New Orleans    

9-13     Mahogany Hall Stomp          

9-14     I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder         

9-15     I Believe         

9-16     Why Doubt My Love  

9-17     It Takes Time 

9-18     You Don't Learn That In School        

9-19     Jack-Armstrong Blues           

9-20     Rockin' Chair 

10-1     Some Day (You'll Be Sorry)   

10-2     Fifty-Fifty Blues         

10-3     A Song Was Born       

10-4     Please Stop Playing Those Blues      

10-5     Before Long   

10-6     Lovely Weather We're Having         

10-7     Maybe It's Because   

10-8     I'll Keep The Lovelight Burning (In My Heart)         

10-9     La Vie En Rose           

10-10   C'est Si Bon    

10-11   That Lucky Old Sun    

10-12   Blueberry Hill

10-13   A Kiss To Build A Dream On 

10-14   I Get Ideas (Adios Muchachos)         

10-15   Cold, Cold Heart        

10-16   Because Of You         

10-17   I Laughed At Love      

10-18   Takes Two To Tango 

10-19   Your Cheatin' Heart  

10-20   Congratulations To Someone

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