Frank Zappa Playground Psychotics 2 CD




Frank Zappa


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Диск 1: Frank Zappa. Playground Psychotics. A Typical Day On The Road, Part 1

1.Here Comes The Gear, Lads

2.The Living Garbage Truck

3.A Typical Sound Check

4.This Is Neat

5.The Motel Lobby

6.Getting Stewed

7.The Motel Room

8.Don't Take Me Down

9.The Dressing Room

10.Learning "Penis Dimension"

11.You There, With The Hard On!

12.Zanti Serenade


14.Sleeping In A Jar

15.Don't Eat There

16.Brixton Still Life

17.Super Grease

18.Wonderful Wino


20.Cruisin' For Burgers

21.Diptheria Blues


23.Say Please


25.Scum Bag

26.Small Eternity With Yoko Ono

Диск 2: Frank Zappa. Playground Psychotics. A Typical Day On The Road, Part 2

1.Beer Shampoo

2.Champagne Lecture

3.Childish Perversions

4.Playground Psychotics

5.The Mudshark Interview

6.There's No Lust In Jazz

7.Botulism On The Hoof

8.You Got Your Armies

9.The Spew King

10.I'm Doomed

11.Status Back Baby

12.The London Cab Tape

13.Concentration Moon Part 1

14.The Sanzini Brothers

15.It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This

16.Concentration Moon Part 2

17.Mom And Dad

18.Intro To Music For Low Budget Orchestra

19.Billy The Mountain. The True Story Of 200 Motels

20.He's Watching Us

21.If You're Not A Professional Actor

22.He's Right

23.Going For The Money

24.Jeff Quits

25.A Bunch Of Adventures

26.Martin Lickert's Story

27.A Great Guy

28.Bad Acting

29.The Worst Reviews

30.A Version Of Himself

31.I Could Be A Star Now