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1-1 Drinking Again 1-2 Destination Moon 1-3 Miss You 1-4 A Handful of Stars 1-5 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? 1-6 You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You 1-7 Red Sails in the Sunset 1-8 Where Are You 1-9 Coquette 1-10 Take Your Shoes Off, Baby 2-1 Fly Me to the Moon 2-2 You're a Sweetheart 2-3 Our Love 2-4 Love Is the Sweetest Thing 2-5 I'll Close My Eyes 2-6 I Didn't Know About You 2-7 If It's the Last Thing I Do 2-8 Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear from Me 2-9 My Devotion 2-10 That's My Desire 2-11 Was It Like That? 2-12 Me and the One That I Love 3-1 Drinking Again 3-2 Just Friends 3-3 I'm Gonna Laugh You Out of My Life 3-4 I'll Be Around 3-5 Lament (Love, I Found You Gone) 3-6 I Don't Know You Anymore 3-7 Baby Won't You Please Come Home 3-8 Lover Man 3-9 The Man That Got Away 3-10 For All We Know 3-11 Say It Isn't So 4-1 I Wanna Be Around 4-2 Make Someone Happy 4-3 Rags to Riches 4-4 Take Me in Your Arms 4-5 Drown in My Own Tears 4-6 Why Was I Born 4-7 I Left My Heart in San Francisco 4-8 The Show Must Go On 4-9 I'm Glad for Your Sake 4-10 There Must Be a Way 4-11 What Kind of Fool Am I? 5-1 The Blues Ain't Nothin' But a Woman Cryin' for Her Man 5-2 Romance in the Dark 5-3 You've Been a Good Ole Wagon 5-4 Let Me Be the First to Know 5-5 How Long 5-6 Don't Come Running Back to Me 5-7 It's a Mean Old Man's World 5-8 Key to the Highway 5-9 If I Never Get to Heaven 5-10 Duck Before You Drown 5-11 No Hard Feelings 5-12 Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning