Nazareth ‎– Loud & Proud! The Box Set 9 LP + 32 CD






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CD1-1 Witchdoctor Woman

CD1-2 Dear John      

CD1-3 Empty Arms, Empty Heart    

CD1-4 I Had A Dream          

CD1-5 Red Light Lady           

CD1-6 Fat Man         

CD1-7 Country Girl   

CD1-8 Mornig Dew  

CD1-9 The King Is Dead       


CD2-1 I Will Not Be Led       

CD2-2 Cat's Eye, Apple Pie  

CD2-3 In My Time    

CD2-4 Woke Up This Morning         

CD2-5 Called Her Name      

CD2-6 Fool About You          

CD2-7 Love Now You're Gone         

CD2-8 Madleine       

CD2-9 Sad Song        

CD2-10            1692 (Glen Coe Massacre)   


CD3-1 Razamanaz    

CD3-2 Alcatraz         

CD3-3 Vigilante Man

CD3-4 Woke Up This Morning         

CD3-5 Night Woman

CD3-6 Bad Bad Boy  

CD3-7 Sold My Soul  

CD3-8 Too Bad Too Sad       

CD3-9 Broken Down Angel  

Loud ´N´ Proud

CD4-1 Go Down Fighting      

CD4-2 Not Faking It  

CD4-3 Turn On Your Receiver         

CD4-4 Teenage Nervous Breakdown          

CD4-5 Free Wheeler

CD4-6 This Flight Tonight     

CD4-7 Child In The Sun        

CD4-8 The Ballad Of Hollis Brown  


CD5-1 Silver Dollar Forger   

CD5-2 Glad When You're Gone       

CD5-3 Love And Lost

CD5-4 Shanghai'd In Shanghai         

CD5-5 Jet Lag

CD5-6 Light My Way

CD5-7 Sunshine        

CD5-8 Shapes Of Things / Space Safari       

Hair Of The Dog

CD6-1 Hair Of The Dog        

CD6-2 Miss Misery   

CD6-3 Guilty

CD6-4 Changin´ Times         

CD6-5 Beggars Day/Rose In The Heather   

CD6-6 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman     

CD6-7 Please Don´t Judas Me         

Close Enough For Rock´N´Roll

CD7-1 Telegram Parts 1 - 4

CD7-2 Vicky  

CD7-3 Homesick Again        

CD7-4 Vancover Shakedown

CD7-5 Born Under The Wrong Sign

CD7-6 Loretta           

CD7-7 Carry Out Feelings    

CD7-8 Lift The Lid     

CD7-9 You're The Violin       

Play ´N´ The Game

CD8-1 Somebody To Roll     

CD8-2 Down Home Girl       

CD8-3 Flying

CD8-4 Waiting For The Man

CD8-5 Born To Love

CD8-6 I Want To Do Everything For You     

CD8-7 I Don't Want To Go On Without You

CD8-8 Wild Honey    

CD8-9 L.A. Girls        

Expect No Mercy

CD9-1 Expect No Mercy       

CD9-2 Gone Dead Train       

CD9-3 Shot Me Down           

CD9-4 Revenge Is Sweet      

CD9-5 Gimme What's Mine

CD9-6 Kentucky Fried Blues

CD9-7 New York Broken Toy

CD9-8 Busted

CD9-9 Place In Your Heart   

CD9-10            All The King's Horses

No Mean City

CD10-1            Just To Get Into It      

CD10-2            May The Sunshine     

CD10-3            Simple Solution (Pts. 1 & 2)  

CD10-4            Star    

CD10-5            Claim To Fame          

CD10-6            Whatever You Want Babe    

CD10-7            What's In It For Me   

CD10-8            No Mean City (Pts. 1 & 2)     

Malice In Wonderland

CD11-1            Holiday          

CD11-2            Showdown At The Border     

CD11-3            Talkin' To One Of The Boys  

CD11-4            Heart's Grown Cold   

CD11-5            Fast Cars        

CD11-6            Big Boy          

CD11-7            Talkin' Bout Love       

CD11-8            Falllen Angel  

CD11-9            Ship Of Dreams         

CD11-10          Turning a New Leaf   

The Fool Circle

CD12-1            Dressed To Kill          

CD12-2            Another Year

CD12-3            Moonlight Eyes         

CD12-4            Pop The Silo   

CD12-5            Let Me Be Your Leader         

CD12-6            We Are The People   

CD12-7            Every Young Man's Dream   

CD12-8            Little Part Of You      

CD12-9            Cocaine (Live)

CD12-10          Victoria          


CD13-1            Love Leads To Madness        

CD13-2            Boys In The Band       

CD13-3            You Love Another      

CD13-4            Gatecrash      

CD13-5            Games

CD13-6            Back To The Trenches           

CD13-7            Dream On      

CD13-8            Lonely In The Night   

CD13-9            Preservation  

CD13-10          Take The Rap

CD13-11          Mexico           

Sound Elixir

CD14-1            All Night Radio          

CD14-2            Milk & Honey

CD14-3            Whippin' Boy

CD14-4            Rain On The Window

CD14-5            Backroom Boys         

CD14-6            Why Don't You Read The Book         

CD14-7            I Ran   

CD14-8            Rags To Riches          

CD14-9            Local Still       

CD14-10          Where Are You Now

The Catch

CD15-1            Party Down    

CD15-2            Ruby Tuesday

CD15-3            Last Exit Brooklyn      

CD15-4            Moondance   

CD15-5            Love Of Freedom      

CD15-6            This Month's Messiah           

CD15-7            You Don't Believe In Us        

CD15-8            Sweetheart Tree       

CD15-9            Road To Nowhere     


CD16-1            Cinema          

CD16-2            Juliet  

CD16-3            Just Another Heartache        

CD16-4            Another Side Of You  

CD16-5            Hit The Fan    

CD16-6            One From The Heart

CD16-7            Salty Salty      

CD16-8            White Boy      

CD16-9            A Veterans Song        


CD17-1            Animals          

CD17-2            Lady Luck       

CD17-3            Hang On To A Dream

CD17-4            Piece Of My Heart    

CD17-5            Trouble          

CD17-6            The Key          

CD17-8            Back To School          

CD17-9            Girls   

CD17-10          Donna - Get Off That Crack  

CD17-11          See You, See Me       

CD17-12          Helpless         

No Jive

CD18-1            Hire And Fire

CD18-2            Do You Wanna Play House   

CD18-3            Right Between The Eyes       

CD18-4            Every Time It Rains   

CD18-5            Keeping Our Love Alive        

CD18-6            Thinkin' Man's Nightmare    

CD18-7            Cover Your Heart      

CD18-8            Lap Of Luxury

CD18-9            The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me         

CD18-10          Cry Wolf        

Move Me

CD19-1            Let Me Be Your Dog  

CD19-2            Can't Shake Those Shakes     

CD19-3            Crack Me Up

CD19-4            Move Me       

CD19-5            Steamroller   

CD19-6            Stand By Your Beds   

CD19-7            Rip It Up         

CD19-8            Demon Alcohol          

CD19-9            You Had It Comin'     

CD19-10          Bring It On Home Mama      

CD19-11          Burning Down


CD20-1            When The Light Comes Down          

CD20-2            Cheerleader  

CD20-3            Loverman      

CD20-4            Open Up Woman      

CD20-5            Talk Talk        

CD20-6            Nothing So Good       

CD20-7            Party In The Kremlin

CD20-8            God Save The South  

CD20-9            Robber And The Roadie        

CD20-10          Waiting          

CD20-11          May Heaven Keep You          

The Newz

CD21-1            Goin´Loco      

CD21-2            Day At The Beach      

CD21-3            Liar     

CD21-4            See Me          

CD21-5            Enough Love  

CD21-6            Warning         

CD21-7            Mean Streets

CD21-8            Road Trip       

CD21-9            Gloria

CD21-10          Keep On Travellin'    

CD21-11          Loggin' On     

CD21-12          The Gathering           

CD21-13          Dying Breed   

Big Dogz

CD22-1            Big Dogz Gonna Howl           

CD22-2            Claimed         

CD22-3            No Mean Monster     

CD22-4            When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again         

CD22-5            Radio  

CD22-6            Time And Tide           

CD22-7            Lifeboat         

CD22-8            The Toast       

CD22-9            Watch Your Back       

CD22-10          Butterfly        

CD22-11          Sleeptalker    

Rock´N´Roll Telephone

CD23-1            Boom Bang Bang      

CD23-2            One Set of Bones       

CD23-3            Back 2b4        

CD23-4            Winter Sunlight         

CD23-5            Rock 'n' Roll Telephone        

CD23-6            Punch A Hole In The Sky       

CD23-7            Long Long Time         

CD23-8            The Right Time          

CD23-9            Not Today      

CD23-10          Speakeasy      

CD23-11          God Of The Mountain           


CD24-1            Telegram       

CD24-2            Razamanaz    

CD24-3            I Want To Do Everything For You     

CD24-4            This Flight Tonight     

CD24-5            Beggar's Day

CD24-6            Every Young Man's Dream   

CD24-7            Heart's Grown Cold   

CD24-8            Java Blues      

CD24-9            Cocaine          

CD24-10          Big Boy          

CD25-1            Holiday          

CD25-2            Dressed To Kill          

CD25-3            Hair Of The Dog        

CD25-4            Expect No Mercy       

CD25-5            Shapes Of Things       

CD25-6            Let Me Be Your Leader         

CD25-7            Love Hurts     

CD25-8            Tush   

CD25-9            Juicy Lucy       

CD25-10          Morning Dew

Homecoming - Live At The Garage Glasgow, 2002

CD26-1            Light Comes Down    

CD26-2            Razamanaz    

CD26-3            Miss Misery   

CD26-4            Holiday          

CD26-5            Dream On      

CD26-6            Simple Solution         

CD26-7            My White Bicycle      

CD26-8            Walk By Yourself       

CD26-9            Bad Bad Boy  

CD26-10          Heart's Grown Cold   

CD26-11          Broken Down Angel  

CD26-12          Whiskey Drinkin' Woman     

CD26-13          Hair Of The Dog        

CD26-14          This Flight Tonight     

CD26-15          Beggar's Day

CD26-16          Love Hurts     

Singels, Eps, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks

CD27-1            Friends (Alternate Edit)        

CD27-2            Morning Dew

CD27-3            If You See My Baby   

CD27-4            Hard Living    

CD27-5            Spinning Top  

CD27-6            Love Hurts     

CD27-7            Hair Of The Dog        

CD27-8            Down  

CD27-9            My White Bicycle      

CD27-10          Holy Roller     

CD27-11          Railroad Boy  

CD27-12          Nightingale    

CD27-13          You're The Violin       

CD27-14          Good Love      

CD27-15          Greens           

CD27-16          Desolation Road        

CD27-17          May The Sunshine (Single Version)  

CD27-18          Star    

CD27-19          Whatever You Want Babe (Single Edit)       

CD28-1            Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment         

CD28-2            Morgentau    

CD28-3            Heart's Grown Cold (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80)       

CD28-4            Razamanaz (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80          

CD28-5            Hair Of The Dog (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80  

CD28-6            Talkin' To One Of The Boys (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/03/80)     

CD28-7            On the Run    

CD28-8            Do You Think About It           

CD28-9            Party Down    

CD28-10          Winner On The Night

CD28-11          Woke Up This Morning (Live In Germany)  

CD28-12          Bad Bad Boy (Live At Glasgow Garage 2002)          

CD28-13          Just Another Heartache (Alternate Version)

CD28-14          A Veterans Song (Alternate Version)           

CD28-15          This Flight Tonight (1991 Version)   

CD28-16          Tell Me That You Love Me (Single Version)

CD29-1            Love Hurts (Rock Orchestra Version)           

CD29-2            Razamanaz (Unplugged)       

CD29-3            My White Bicycle (Unplugged)        

CD29-4            This Flight Tonight (Unplugged)       

CD29-5            Love Hurts (Instrumental Orchestra Version)         

CD29-6            Laid To Wasted         

CD29-7            Walk By Yourself       

CD29-8            Danger Danger         

CD29-9            Just A Ride     

CD29-10          Wanna Feel Good?    

CD29-11          Big Boy (Acoustic)     

CD29-12          Simple Solution (Acoustic)    

CD29-13          My White Bicycle      

CD29-14          Love Hurts (Acoustic)

CD29-15          Open Up Woman (Acoustic)

Rare & Unreleased

CD30-1            Storm Warning          

CD30-2            Paper Sun      

CD30-3            Goin' Down (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live

CD30-4            Dear John (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live)

CD30-5            Ruby Baby (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live)

CD30-6            Razamanaz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)        

CD30-7            Alcatraz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)  

CD30-8            Vigilante Man (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)    

CD30-9            Night Woman (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)    

CD30-10          Bad, Bad Boy (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)     

CD30-11          Broken Down Angel (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)       

CD30-12          Go Down Fighting (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)     

CD30-13          Child In The Sun (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)       

CD30-14          Not Faking It (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)

CD30-15          Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)         

CD31-1            Jet Lag (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)        

CD31-2            Light My Way (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)        

CD31-3            Loved And Lost (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)       

CD31-3            Shanghai'd In Shanghai (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono      

CD31-4            Sunshine (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)     

CD31-5            Snaefel           

CD31-6            Mexico (Demo From 2XS)     

CD31-7            Read The Book (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)  

CD31-8            Baby's Got A Gun (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)          

CD31-9            Crime & Punishment (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)    

CD31-10          Let Me See The Light (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)    

CD31-11          Blue Skies (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)          

CD31-12          SOS (Outtake From Sound Elixir)      

CD31-13          Eat The Book (Outtake From Sound Elixir)  

CD31-14          Sunshine Of Your Love (Outtake From Snakes N Ladders)  

CD31-15          See You See Me (Demo From Snakes 'n' Ladders)  

CD31-16          Heatwave (Outtake From Snakes N Ladders)          

CD31-17          Every Time It Rains (No Jive Demo, 1991)   

CD31-18          Cry Wolf (No Jive Demo, 1991)        

CD31-19          Right Between The Eyes (No Jive Demo, 1991)       

CD32-1            Stand By Your Beds (Move Me Demo, 1994)          

CD32-2            Steamroller (Move Me Demo, 1994)          

CD32-3            Demon Alcohol (Move Me Demo, 1994)     

CD32-4            When The Light Comes Down (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)          

CD32-5            Waiting (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)          

CD32-6            Loverman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)      

CD32-7            Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)      

CD32-8            Talk Talk (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)        

CD32-9            Nothing So Good (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)       

CD32-10          Cheerleader (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)  

CD32-11          Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Acoustic Alternative Version, 1998)

CD32-12          Bad, Bad Boy (Re-Record, 2009)      

CD32-13          Broken Down Angel (Re-Record, 2009)       

CD32-14          Heart's Grown Cold (Re-Record, 2009)       

CD32-15          Love Hurts (Re-Record, 2009)          

CD32-16          My White Bicycle (Re-Record, 2009)           

CD32-17          Turn On Your Receiver (Re-Record, 2009)  

Rampant Picture Disc

LP1-A1 Silver Dollar Forger   

LP1-A2 Glad When You're Gone       

LP1-A3 Loved And Lost          

LP1-A4 Shanghai'd In Shanghai         

LP1-B1 Jet Lag

LP1-B2 Light My Way

LP1-B3 Sunshine        

LP1-B4 Shapes Of Things / Space Safari       

Expect No Mercy - Original Version

LP2-A1 Kentucky Fried Blues

LP2-A2 Gone Dead Train       

LP2-A3 Shot Me Down           

LP2-A4 Greens           

LP2-A5 Life Of A Dog

LP2-B1 New York Broken Toy

LP2-B2 Revenge Is Sweet      

LP2-B3 Desolation Road        

LP2-B4 Can't Keep A Good Man Down         

LP2-B5 Moonlight Eyes         

BBC Rock Hour- Live At Hammersmith Odeo, London - 16th March 1980

LP3-A1 Razamanaz    

LP3-A2 I Want To Do Everything For You     

LP3-A3 Showdown At The Border     

LP3-B1 Beggar's Day

LP3-B2 Heart's Grown Cold   

LP3-B3 Big Boy          

LP3-C1 Holiday / This Flight Tonight

LP3-C2 Hair Of The Dog        

LP3-D1            Talkin' To One Of The Boys  

LP3-D2            Expect No Mercy       

LP3-D3            Broken Down Angel  

Turn On Your Receiver - BBC Bob Harris Session 1972 - 73

LP4-A1 Woke Up This Morning / Boogie      

LP4-A2 Hard Living    

LP4-A3 Country Girl   

LP4-A4 Goin' Down    

LP4-B1 Razamanaz    

LP4-B2 Night Woman

LP4-B3 Broken Down Angel  

LP4-B4 Vigilante Man

LP4-C1 Turn On Your Receiver         

LP4-C2 Too Bad Too Sad       

LP4-C3 Razamanaz    

LP4-C4 Bad Bad Boy  

7´´ Single 1

A          Broken Down Angel  

B          Bad Bad Boy  

7´´ Single 2

A          This Flight Tonight     

B          Shanghai'd In Shanghai         

7´´ Single 3

A          Love Hurts     

B          My White Bicycle