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1-1 Voyager
1-2 What Goes Up
1-3 The Eagle Will Rise Again
1-4 One More River
1-5 Can't Take It With You
1-6 In the Lap of the Gods
1-7 Pyramania
1-8 Hyper-gamma-spaces
1-9 Shadow of a Lonely Man
1-10 Voyager/What Goes Up/The Eagle Will Rise Again (Instrumental Version)
1-11 What Goes Up/Little Voice (Early Version Demo)
1-12 Can't Take It With You (Early Version Demo)
1-13 Hyper-gamma-spaces (Demo)
1-14 The Eagle Will Rise Again (Alternate Version - Backing Track)
1-15 In the Lap of the Gods (Part 1 - Demo)
1-16 In the Lap of the Gods (Part 2 - Backing Track Rough Mix)
2-1 May Be a Price to Pay
2-2 Games People Play
2-3 Time
2-4 I Don't Wanna Go Home
2-5 The Gold Bug
2-6 The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part One)
2-7 Snake Eyes
2-8 The Ace of Swords
2-9 Nothing Left to Lose
2-10 The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part Two)
2-11 May Be a Price to Pay (Intro - Demo)
2-12 Nothing Left to Lose (Basic Backing Track)
2-13 Nothing Left to Lose (Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdub Compilation)
2-14 Nothing Left to Lose (Early Studio Version With Eric's Guide Vocal)
2-15 Time (Early Studio Attempt)
2-16 Games People Play (Rough Mix)
2-17 The Gold Bug (Demo)
3-1 Lucifer
3-2 You Lie Down With Dogs
3-3 I'd Rather Be a Man
3-4 You Won't Be There
3-5 Winding Me Up
3-6 Damned If I Do
3-7 Don't Hold Back
3-8 Secret Garden
3-9 If I Could Change Your Mind
3-10 Elsie's Theme from the Sicilian Defence (The Project That Never Was)
3-11 Lucifer (Demo)
3-12 Secret Garden (Rough Mix )
3-13 Damned If I Do (Rough Mix)
3-14 Don't Hold Back (Vocal Rehearsal Rough Mix)
3-15 Lucifer (Early Rough Mix)
3-16 If I Could Change Your Mind (Rough Mix)
4-1 Stereotomy
4-2 Beaujolais
4-3 Urbania (Instrumental)
4-4 Limelight
4-5 In the Real World
4-6 Where's the Walrus? (Instrumental)
4-7 Light of the World
4-8 Chinese Whispers (Instrumental)
4-9 Stereotomy Two
4-10 Light of the World (Backing Track)
4-11 Rumour Goin' Round (Demo)
4-12 Stereotomy (Eric Woolfson Guide Vocal)
4-13 Stereotomy (Backing Rough Mix)
5-1 La Sagrada Familia
5-2 Too Late
5-3 Closer to Heaven
5-4 Standing On Higher Ground
5-5 Money Talks
5-6 Inside Looking Out
5-7 Paseo De Gracia
5-8 Too Late (Eric Woolfson Rough Guide Vocal)
5-9 Standing On Higher Ground/Losing Proposition (Vocal Experiments)
5-10 Money Talks
5-11 Money Talks (Rough Mix Backing Track)
5-12 Closer to Heaven (Sax/Chris Rainbow Overdub Section)
5-13 Paseo De Gracia (Rough Mix)
5-14 La Segrada Familia (Rough Mix)